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Poison Dart Frogs + Dots + Spots!

Poison Dart Frogs + Dots + Spots!

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Poison Dart Frogs + Dots + Spots! – Yayoi meets poison dart frog: a graphic hand-painted set on Aprés Gel-X natural round short length nails with chrome piercing cabochons, petit rhinestones, and 3D water droplets.

Order Details:

  • This is a standard sized, ready-to-ship set of 20 nails (in all sizes available 0-9).
  • We do not accept returns, exchanges, or refunds.
  • Nail lengths are averages. Nail lengths are measured from cuticle to free edge and are average values. Smaller nail beds may yield slightly shorter lengths. 

Packages include:

  • Your standard set of 20 hand-painted nails in all sizes available (0-9)
  • A nail kit containing: An orange wood stick/cuticle pusher, file, buffer, alcohol prep, and nail adhesive
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